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What is…Fashion and Style? 
ve never thought of myself as a fashion person. I’ve always enjoyed fashion but not to the extreme and I certainly have never been, what some people call a “fashionista”. I dabbled a little here and there, worked on and off in the fashion business on one level or another in my life, but now after 13 years in the Internet and tech business I seem to have come full circle. 

I like incorporating the simple pleasure of fashion into my own life.  But I feel that my perspective on fashion is more personal and less trend than what is so often “out there”.

I guess for me fashion is more about personal style than simply what to wear. That means that the fashion I love has to perform one singular task. To make me feel good, look good and be confident in whatever I do, whenever I’m doing it.   

Fashion can be fun to observe.  High fashion is even more fun.  The most fun is watching the Paris, New York and Milan fashion shows during their “Fashion Weeks” when parades of pale, anorexic, pubescent models march down runways wearing “objet d’art” that no intelligent woman would even consider wearing or shelling out thousands for.  Therefore, we should conclude that these venues must be observed in the same way as a high art exhibition in a public gallery is observed, and little more.

But I still like them, the fashion shows I mean… occasionally.  

What I like more than that, however, is observing people. Especially people who are contributing something substantial to society or themselves. That observation becomes even more interesting when these special individuals are looking great doing it. That, by definition, might be dressing stylishly, practically and elegantly, (not to mention comfortably), and carrying around a kind of glow that comes from an inner confidence and the personal joy of achievement. Not that new standardized look that comes from loads of Botox or plastic surgery. 

So what it boils down to is a debate on Style vs. Fashion, and yes these two are distinctly different. Fashion equates to a kind of terminal trendiness.  It’s about what, or “who” (as the case has become), you are wearing. As a result I believe that much of the fashion world can be cruel, non inclusive and completely undemocratic. Especially for women. 

Style, on the other hand is much more than “clothes”.  Style is a concept which affects every part of our lives in an exhilarating kind of way.  It’s about literature, society, culture, the arts, food, wine, and most importantly, how we, as individuals fit and function in the greater scheme of things in this world. 

I want to discuss what we should, could or want to wear.  I want to be practical about it, I want to be stylish about it and I, like anyone else want to enjoy it.  No, I want to love it.  But I want it to be only a part of who I am.  I don’t want to be consumed by what, (or who) I’m wearing and how I look. 

There are too many delicious opportunities in this world and so little time to explore them all.  It seems a pity to waste one more moment than necessary standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear or lamenting your imperfections, (and heaven knows we all have plenty of those). 

On this site I hope to achieve what has been a personal quest for me through all of my adult life.  Balance.

 We’ll discuss style, what to wear and how to wear it.  What to collect, how to feel good wearing it and how to always look appropriate no matter what the fashion publications are saying.  The importance of classics and, yes, when to add a flashy trend item and do it all with ease. 

I hope you’ll read this.  I don’t want to be the only woman out there doing it and feeling this great